Dear Parents,

If you're reading this, you might not be too thrilled with us right now. We're actively promoting your children to throw on backpacks and hit the road, instead of brushing up their resumes for right when they're out of school or spending a break working. Or then again, maybe you're smiling, wishing you had a site like this when you were in school (we didn't either, that's why we created this). Whichever reaction you're having, thank you for coming here. This letter is for you, because, well, we wanted to explain a couple of things.

Remember all those trips you took in college or when you were younger? They're fond memories, aren't they? Or what about all the places you wish you had gone, for whatever reason – but for whatever reason wound up not going? Now your children have a chance to make their own dreams, such as travel and road-trips and what-not, come true, and we want to help that happen. Hence this site, and the resources on it. They are here for your children, but you'll find them handy too, from saving money when planning the next family vacation, to doing something drastic – say, backpacking Europe again, or for the first time.

We've set up this site as a way for your sons and daughters to learn more about travel and to have in one place resources they can use for any trip, from Spring Break to coming home for the holidays. We hope you'll see this as an opportunity, for both them and you, to save some money and to provide enriching experiences for your children and their futures.

If you have any questions or suggestions, email Sean ( Thanks for reading, and all the best in travel and in life to you and to your sons and daughters.

The BootLads
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