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This is the mother of all trips: goin' around the world (or RTW, for short). You might do it all in a few months; you might take a few years; you also might never stop traveling. This is, above and beyond any trip, one of the most memorable experiences you will ever be glad you had.

We won't lie though: there's also a lot involved. What's a good route? What do you want to do? How do you get a ticket for something like that? Is this even a good idea? No worries. This site answers these questions, and then some: See other travelers who give their own take on their trips, or watch some science get kicked to a few myths about RTW traveling. Figure out how to plan, and even put together an itinerary online. Bookmark it as the only place you need to go to learn about RTW travel and planning your trip:

Round-the-World Guide & Tickets